Building Strategic Client Share

Most agents miss out on a lot of business because they don’t have client chare.

Focusing on market share only rabs agents of the gold mine of business offered by client share.
Market share is a measure of how many deals an agent does relative to their competition.
Client share generates relationships with a broad base of not yet active clients.

We invite you to explore how you can build a robust strategic client share for future business. 

Our promise is you will never fail to get from where you are to where you want to be in the future!


Client Share Manager

Create a high volume of advisory relationships with inactive clients.  


This tool offers a method for developing a high volume of active advisory relationships with a broad base of inactive clients. Many clients are interested in repositioning themselves whether it be an upward trending market or a downward trending one. There turns out to be many more clients who are in a “wait and see” mode which means they will engage in a transaction in two days, two weeks, two months or two quarters out. There is also a high volume of clients who prefer to have their “head in the sand.” They will likely need to scramble at the last minute and are prone to make rash decisions after they suddenly wake-up. For clients ready to position the transactional process starts right away. For the wait and see crowd a transaction will come later and the head in the sand group even later in the Market cycle. Establishing active and ongoing relationships with these latter two groups, is a way to establish a advisory relationship, Generate a strategic analysis so clients have a better understanding of where they stand currently ande where they would like to be in the future an dthe options available to them at the time. Clients usually are quite happy to be in regular contact with an agent offering an advisory service to help get the client prepared and out ahead of the inevitable for future changes and thereby protect their ability to execute to whatever strategy they have chosen.   

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